Alain Etchepare photographs

Alain Etchepare photographs

The big city

What strange city is this that offers ‘herself’ to our eyes and whose walls bleed fear and regrets? A cannibal city whose spreading web has slowly overtaken the world. Is ‘she’ the result of a society, over-reaching, that has finally lost control to the point of suffocating itself?

A city -  mirror image of a world driven by consumption and greed - intoxicated by all that is new, inexorably leading to boredom and rejection; a city where each passing day sees it fallen idols being burnt - glorified one day, forgotten the next.

A paradox of a city, overcrowded, which sees ‘herself’ perfect, but where one never felt so alone.

A city that has finally won. Of the billion men which populated ‘her’, all that is left now is dust…. the faintest hint of a memory.

With this series, I invite you to wander through this now defunct and silent city. You will be the only visitor, asking the questions, alone with your emotions, your regrets…
How did we come to this?
Are men that blind?

For this series, I have looked in our cities - here and everywhere - for all those places that we no longer see, those not-so-old places that are now forgotten, abandoned, rejected…buried under a relentless modernism. Those places that seem so out-of-time, symbols of the race against the clock that we run against life itself. These ghetto-like places where its people are ignored by a world consumed more than ever by a blind chase, eyes on the prize, overlooking the essential.

But is the city that I am showing you only a fragment of my imagination?
Or does ‘she’ already exist all around us?
Take a closer look!

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